Elizabeth Shell
  • Permafrost and sea ice are canaries in the coal mine Our first stop during our months of reporting on climate change in the high north, wasn’t in the Arctic – but it was an important visit.  Permafrost is becoming more and more critical to greenhouse gases filtering into the atmosphere. We went to the permafrost research tunnel in Fairbanks, Alaska to learn more.
  • Watch a sneak peek of ‘On Thin Ice’ “On Thin Ice: The People of the North” is a CCTV America documentary production premiering this week.
  • Behind the scenes I spent about two and a half months in the Arctic and in Alaska working on “On Thin Ice.” It’s tough to condense how amazing it was to be in the environment, and what it meant to drive on a frozen river, or spend hours out on the frozen Arctic Ocean on a snowmobile.
  • Point Hope: Barometer for Change What’s at stake? I remember being out on a little spit of land on the far end of Point Hope, Alaska – an icy patch covering the sand that separates the Bering and Chukchi Seas and realizing how amazing it was being that far above the Arctic Circle.